Components are the types of things you can add into a step and are all found in the left-side toolbox when you are in the "Components" tab.

Step Editor - where components are available

Upflowy is a drag 'n drop tool - you can click on any component on the left and drag it into the Step View:

Content and Form components

Our components are separated by type!

Content Components

There are content components that do not require any user interaction. These can help tell a story by adding context, user testimonials, images or videos.

Content components can be dropped anywhere in your flow and help add context or storytelling.

Form Components

There are also form components that require user interaction. This is how you can ask your customers questions. These components can be input fields (where the user types information) or multiple-choice options (where users can select one or more of the provided options). You can add embedded content from other apps, like a Calendly link to set up a demo.

Form components must be dropped in a specific place: the form block (often found on the left-hand size). This is to ensure that your questions have enough space and look good to your customers!

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