We have a handy feature that allows our users to recall past information submitted by their users. Let's show you how!

upflowy can recall information using the below:


Information can only be recalled if the information has already been submitted through the form. For example, you can recall information from Step 1 on Step 2, however you can't recall information from Step 2 in Step 1.

How to recall data

All you need is the ID of whatever you want to recall. You can find this by clicking on the component in question, and seeing their ID here. We recommend labelling the IDs clearly, with no spaces.

Once you've located this, add in a text element on any step after the step containing this component. Add in the {{ }} with the ID name inside.

Now let's test it out! Let's preview our flow and enter in the information.

Success!! The information submitted through the first step pulled through into the second step.

Have fun, and happy personalising!

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