In Upflowy, the way that users will navigate to the next page of a flow is usually through adding in a "Button" component: upon clicking the button, users will go through to the next page.

However, there's an exciting and satisfying exception to the rule - Cards components:

If set up correctly, users will be able to progress to the next step by simply clicking on one of the cards - no button necessary!

To set it up, drag n drop a cards component into your step view. On the left, you should see the traits for the Cards. You will see that "Select Multiple?" is unticked by default.

As long as you ensure that "Select Multiple?" stays unticked, your cards will act as buttons and users can simply click on this to proceed to the next step!

If you tick "Select Multiple?", you'll see that the buttons for each card disappear, and when previewing it you'll see that more than card can be selected. This prevents the step from autosubmitting, to make way for users to select more than one option.

Fun Fact - if you like the look of the Cards and want them to act as buttons, but you want the whole card to be clickable, you can simply delete the button by removing the "Button Text" inputs on the left-side toolbox.

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