An input component is the most common way that users can type responses back to a question you have asked in your form! You can add an input component in by drag n dropping the below icon into your step:

Once you drag n drop the input component into your step, the left-hand toolbar will change to display all of the traits of the component:

These traits are what you can edit to personalize your input. You can:

  • Add in a unique ID to easily identify what data is connected to this question

  • Change the question to ask the right questions

  • Add in a description to add context to the question

  • Change the placeholder of the text

  • Select whether this input is a mandatory field

  • Select the type of answer you are expecting to set up validation for it (e.g. if "Number" is selected, any answer that is not a number will not count as a valid answer)

  • Any regex (to match for specific patterns)

  • A Validation error to show if the input doesn't match the answer type

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