The Upload Documents component is how you can prompt your customers to upload any files that may be useful to your flow's main purpose. For example, you can ask customers to upload receipts, images, resumes and so on. These files get uploaded and are available for you to download!

You can add in an Upload Documents component to your flow by drag n dropping the below icon into your step:

Once dropped in, you should see the traits of the Upload Documents component on the left, and the component itself appears on the right:

The traits specific to Upload Documents are:

Maximum number of documents: You can choose how many documents that the user can upload (from 1 - 10)

Maximum file upload size: You can choose the maximum size of a file that you want to accept

Document types allowed: you are able to specify what documents you will accept

How it works for your customers

Once an "Upload Documents component has been published, your users will be able to either drag n drop or browse files on their computer to add in. When a file has been uploaded, you'll see it alongside the file name and file size:

Users then have the option to add in more files, or delete any files.

If the file is required (as per the traits), the "Next" button to proceed to the next page will only activate once all files have been uploaded.

How to download the files that have been uploaded

Your files will be available either through the API endpoint you have set up, or by downloading the CSV of your data.

Under the ID name that you set up in traits, your files will be available to download by clicking on a link:

Click on this to access your files!

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