To send Upflowy data to your database, click on the "Send Data" tab.

An API endpoint will need to be added to the input under "Send data to this URL":

This connection can be set up per step. HTTP headers can be added but are not mandatory.

Async - ON: What it means:

In the above picture, by default the 'Async' is turned on, this means that the users can instantly go to the next step without awaiting the data from your back end to come back to Upflowy. This can be used if you only want to send data to your database and do not want any data being 'called' or displayed in your Upflowy flow.

Async - OFF: What it means:

The Async off means that when the user clicks on the CTA (button) of that step, the data from that step will be sent to the destination ( database(API)) and waits for the signal from the database and only then proceeds to the next step. This in turn can be used to not only send the data to a destination but can also get the corresponding data from an external source and have them called/displayed in the subsequent steps.

To set up the API data structure, Let's take a sample flow and see how the data is captured for that step in Upflowy:

The above screenshot shows how Upflowy data will be sent. This will be affected by the information requested by the components in the flow (in this example, 'main_reasons' and 'topics' are bespoke questions asked by the flow creator) and a custom parameter ('customParam' - more about that here).

All other parameters that you see are the 'default parameters' that are captured when a user submits this particular step.

Using the below 'default parameters that are obtained from Upflowy, and some parameters that you create based on the questions asked in your flow, you can create your own API and set up the data connection in the 'Data' tab in your Upflowy Flow.

"submittedAt": 1643712450889,
"context": {
"initial": "_origin_",
"name": "Mac OS",
"version": "10.15.7",
"type": "desktop",
"city": "newcastle",
"region": "nsw",
"country": "AU",
"sessionId": "d38ebe72-ab8f-43f5-8ed7-23eb3fbf3c4e",
"stateEnteredDate": "2022-02-01T10:47:17.883Z",
"main_reasons": "Capturing my own life experiences for posterity;Sharing my Life Lessons with future generation",
"topics": "Education;Cultural heritage",
"values": {}
"pageUri": "",
"pageId": "v33PauwoLEAgv6PB3rYqrS",
"userId": "zniZA9KRzROLY6Ss6SNfmR8isdA2",
"userIP": ""

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