1. Can I set up my URL for the flow?/ Can I embed the flow on my website?

This is possible by using the Iframe embed option to solve these issues. There is also documentation available on how to set up your Iframe.

2. iframe question: the redirect URL at the end is in the Iframe - is there a way so it redirects outside of the Iframe?

The redirecting to a link outside the Iframe is technically possible. However, it will require some additional Javascript coding to set that up.

3. Is it possible to analyse UTM triggers and have that data extracted for advertising/marketing?

Yes, absolutely. You can set it up on your own and track them in Upflowy, which is visible in the conditional Logic in the user data.

4. Is it possible to set up A/B testing?

Yes, you can set up A/B testing in Upflowy. Refer to this article to know more about it.

5. Is it possible to send the data from Upflowy to another CRM?

You can send the data to another CRM using a third-party integration tool like Zapier/Integromat. Refer to this article for more details.

6. Is it possible to set up an API connection with Upflowy?

Yes, you can send the data from Upflowy to your database using an API connection. Refer to this article for more details.

7. Is there any option to skip the questions or the page in Upflowy?

Currently, there is no option to skip the page. However, you can make the questions optional (not required) and have the users click on the primary and the secondary buttons that will lead the users to skip all the questions and proceed to the next page.

8. Is it possible to create more than three layers in the Logic split?
The IF logic split allows users to go only three layers deep into the break to avoid confusion.

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