Please refer to the below video for a detailed explanation on how this function works.

You can now import and display 'text' data from an external source (third party) using the sync data connection in Upflowy.

First, you need to click on the 'Data' tab and select the step where you would want to get the data from.

After selecting the step, paste the source URL where you are getting the data from. This can be your own database or any database that has all the information that you want to be displayed in the flow. You can also click on the step and inside the step editor, you can click on the 'data' tab and paste the URL.

Make sure the 'Async' is turned off, only then the data from the external source(third party) can be read and displayed.

You can then call the data from your source(third party) and display it in the next step by using '{{ }}' and 'data.attributename' where data stands for sync data and attributename can be the attribute name or ID you see from your source that you want to display.

Like shown in the video, there are additional ways to display the exact element in the array as well.

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