In order to send an email, you will need to capture an email in your flow. Ensure that you ask your customers for an email address!

Once you have these details, you'll be able to send your customers an email as soon as they complete your flow.

Upflowy stores all of the data that's collected in each step - so your final step will contain all of the fields have have previously been submitted. You'll be able to see this in the data tab, and by clicking on "Advanced Settings" on the left-side toolbar:

That means that to send your customers a message after they have completed a flow, you need to set up a Webhook on this final step.

In Make, create a new scenario, and select "Webhooks":

Select "Custom webhook":

Click "Add", create a name for your webhook, and click "Save":

Now, copy the generated address to your clipboard:

Now, return to the final step of your flow. Copy-paste the URL you just copied into the "POST" url and click "Save":

Now, go to "Preview" in Upflowy and go through your entire flow - submitting all of the information. When you return to Make, you'll see that it will have "succesfully determined":

Click "OK", and now add in a new Gmail module. Select "Send an email":

You will be able to set who receives an email by entering in information to "Email Address 1". When you click on this, information sent through the webhook will appear - click on the ID of your "email" component.

As a bonus - you can use any of the information submitted through your Upflowy flow to personalise the email as well! See an example where "first_name" is used for the Subject and the Content:

Now, click "OK", and set to Live. Enjoy your personalised emails!

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