If your flows were embedded to your website (refer to this article on how to embed the flow to your website) and you have to redirect your users to another URL, follow the following steps.

First, click the toggle on the last step of your flow to enable the redirect URL.

Usually, when you add the URL, the users will be directed to the URL within the iframe and will not be taken to another tab by default.

If you wish to redirect your users to another tab, please add the following code replacing the existing iframe code you have already added to the website.

</head> <body> <p>The iframe below is containing Upflowy flow.</p> <hr>
<script> window.addEventListener('message', (e) => { if (e.data.source === 'upflowy-consumer-app')
{ console.log('message', e.data);
if (e.data.type === 'REDIRECT')
{ window.open( e.data.redirectUrl, '_blank' );
location.reload(); } } });
<iframe src="https://my.upflowy.com/wyz-test?debug&mode=standalone&origin="
frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; min-height: 800px; background: transparent;" id="upflowyFlow" />

Replace the above code on the line that says '<iframe src' with the iframe src code you find in your flow (in the integrate tab). Please see the pic below for reference.

Now, you can happily redirect your users to the URL and have that opened in another tab while capturing the information they have entered.

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