To embed your flow into a Framer webpage, go to the "Integrate" tab in the Upflowy app and copy the code for "Embed your Flow":

Then, go into your Framer page. Click on Insert -> Utility, and then drag and drop the Embed component into your page:

Once the Embed code is drag n dropped into your page, a toolbar on the right hand side will appear. Go to the 'Embed'. section, and click on the HTML option. Paste the code that you see in Upflowy.

Changing the size of your flow in Framer

⚠️ Upon adding your flow to your page, you might notice that it appears too small! To fix this, you must add some extra code to the one above to specify the size. Adding "width="100%"height="100%" to the end of your code (just before the will maximize the size of the embedded flow. You can change the percentage of both height and width according to your needs. To help, we've shown you what the full bit of code should look like.


<iframe src="" 

width="100%" height="100%"/>

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